Are Athletic Mouth Guards Really Effective?

Are Athletic Mouth Guards Really Effective?

August 1, 2022

If you participate in contact sports or activities that involve crashing with the surroundings, athletic mouthguards can help. They are tiny protective devices that fit over the teeth and absorb the pressure of an impact. It helps in shielding your mouth from tongue, cheeks, lips, and teeth injuries. It prevents loss of a tooth, damage to bones, tooth root damage, and having chips or broken teeth.

Even the individuals that participate in activities or sports which do not include contact can even take advantage of this device. As you know, 25% of all dental injuries are associated with sports activities. The American dental association advises every youth, child, and adult taking part in sports to wear a mouth guard. Let’s discover the benefits of getting this vital piece of equipment in your mouth.

Pros of Athletic Mouthguards

Fractures, broken, knocked out, or chipped teeth are the most common major injuries that occur during contact sports. Athletes are 60x more likely to damage teeth if they avoid wearing a mouthguard.

Also, about 2,00,000 high school and college athletes in the United States prevent mouth-related injuries every year with these protective devices. Below are the advantages of getting mouth guards in Whitby, ON:

1. Prevents Teeth Grinding and TMJ

Few sports are tough to play. It makes the athlete grind or clenches their teeth from stress. A custom athletic mouthguard prevents Temporomandibular joint disorder and clenching of teeth.

2. Shields More Than Just Teeth

A mouthguard not only guards the teeth but also the soft tissues, lips, gums, and tongue of athletes. They get the majority of the blast from the sudden fall. It helps in preventing serious jaw injuries and other trauma.

3. It Reduces the Possibility of Serious Injuries 

During contact sports, the blow of different degrees gets delivered to the chin and jaw constantly. Wearing an athletic mouthguard during contact sports lowers the effect of a collision on the hit region. It prevents serious injuries – concussion, fractures in the jaw, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.

Around 3.5 million kids get injured every year while playing some sports activity. Mouthguards can help in preventing around 2,00,000 mouth and teeth injuries.

4. Works for a Wide Range of Sports

Another advantage of customized athletic sports guards is they function for numerous sports. They keep the mouth and teeth safer whether your kid loves playing basketball, hockey, or other high-contact sports.

5. Cost-Effective

These protective mouth devices at the dental office Whitby are cheaper compared to restorative dental work. They are less painful and shield your head, mouth, or neck. It helps you in saving thousands of dollars on expensive dental treatments. So, athletic mouthguards offer your kid an ideal smile without spending much money.

6. Avoid Restricting Air Flow

Having a custom mouthguard does not hinder the airflow of your kid. Firstly, the dentist will take a mold of the mouth and teeth of your child. It allows the guard to work well and prevents slipping.

7. Shields Your Dental Restorations

If you have braces, dental bridges, or crowns, it is essential to take care of them while playing high-impact contact sports. Any damage to these restorations will lead to pain and the need for costly repairs or replacements. But getting an athletic mouthguard will shield your dental work from the damage caused due to an accident.

When to Use an Athletic Mouthguard?

Even sports that do not have contact between different participants can still lead to accidents. If you participate in the following sports, you will need an athletic mouthguard.

  • Field hockey.
  • Football.
  • Boxing.
  • Basketball.
  • Martial Arts.
  • Lacrosse.
  • Rugby.
  • Soft ball.
  • Wrestling.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Volleyball.
  • Baseball.

An athletic mouthguard (known as a sports guard) is worn over the upper teeth to prevent trauma. Oral injuries extend beyond the loss of teeth. It can lead to damage to the soft tissues in the mouth, traumatic brain injuries, jaw injuries, and injuries to the neck.

All of them stop you from participating in your favorite contact sports again. If you need assistance in selecting an athletic mouthguard, visit DSV Dental Brooklin Village as soon as possible. Make sure you replace the mouthguard after some time to ensure the best protection.