Beginners Guide to Teeth Whitening: Types and Causes

Beginners Guide to Teeth Whitening: Types and Causes

January 1, 2022

Everyone desires a brilliantly white smile, thinking it symbolizes health and beauty. You may wish you had a stunning smile but may express reluctance when seeking teeth whitening treatment, feeling the procedure is reserved exclusively for celebrities. You are justified in your thinking because cosmetic dentistry is not affordable and can set you back considerably if you choose to whiten your teeth from your dentist.

Unfortunately, you are enduring an imperfect smile merely because you want to avoid dental visits for a cosmetic dental procedure with the misconception you have in your mind. While your thoughts are genuine and cosmetic dentistry was the pastime of the rich and famous earlier, things have changed dramatically to make teeth whitening treatments available for everyone. So long as you are aware of the reasons for the discoloration of your teeth, you will prefer a remedy that provides you with safe and effective whitening treatments from a qualified dental professional.

If you are a beginner to the teeth whitening procedure and research online, you quickly find many advertisements claiming they can whiten your teeth at unbelievable prices like none other. The advertisements may even tempt you to spend money on products that, in most cases, deliver minimal results, if at all. Unfortunately, if you fall for them, you commit a grave error because the products are unsubstantiated for safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, you risk damaging your teeth and gums by investing in products you will undoubtedly discard after realizing they are ineffective. Therefore the optimal option for you is to visit the dentist near you to understand what has caused your teeth to discolor and what remedy is optimal for whitening them.

Reasons for Teeth Discoloration

Your teeth enamel has a whiter shade and retains its color if you brush and floss regularly, as advised by your dentist. However, if they are discolored, chances are the staining is on the surface of the teeth. Surface stains are removable using whitening toothpaste containing abrasive agents.

However, you can also develop stains on your dentin which is the inner layer beneath the enamel having a yellow shade. The staining may result from infections, injuries, thinning of the enamel, and medications.

Discoloration of your teeth also happens as you age, making them a blend of the reasons mentioned above.

How to Eradicate Discoloration from Your Teeth?

You may think of multiple remedies to remove the discoloration from your teeth. However, the optimal technique is to visit a dental professional to get your teeth evaluated and receive appropriate treatment for teeth whitening.

Dentists provide teeth whitening services to help you achieve your goal of having whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. However, dentists are professionals with comprehensive knowledge about dental anatomy and only provide the treatment if you have good oral health. Problems like tooth decay and gum disease disqualify you from getting whitening treatments because dentists don’t whiten your teeth but bleach them in their office with hydrogen peroxide.

Besides bleaching your teeth, dentists ensure they protect the soft tissues of your mouth with cheek retractors and rubber dams before giving you an application of concentrated hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. The treatment lasts for over an hour because you receive four-ingredient applications after every 15 minutes. Heat and light help accelerate the whitening process leaving you with better-looking teeth by about 3-8 shades out of 16 by the end of your appointment.

If you are unsatisfied with the results and desire a brighter smile, ask the dentist for at-home teeth whitening trays customized for your mouth. Dentists provide the whitening gel and instructions on how and when to use the trays to maintain the results of an office teeth whitening.

Why Are Teeth Whitening Services Essential?

Discolored teeth make you appear like an introvert because you are unwilling to smile before your friends or family members. Getting your teeth whitened by a professional dentist helps improve your oral health, enhances your self-confidence, and helps you look younger and more attractive. It is why teeth whitening from dentists is becoming incredibly popular with millions of people.

After getting your teeth whitened, you must avoid or limit staining foods and drinks needing these treatments frequently. Therefore besides limiting or avoiding discoloring foods and beverages, you must also maintain excellent dental hygiene and get dental checkups and cleanings every six months to help your teeth retain their brighter shade.

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