Dr. Sohela Vaid -

Hello, I’m Dr. Sohela Vaid

Dentist – Founder of DSV Dental – Dedicated Wife – Devoted Mother – World Explorer – Lover of Music, Art and Culture

DSV Dental was once just my crazy dream.

I imagined a dental practice that was anything but ordinary. An environment that offered a fresh and refined approach to dentistry, done differently. An extraordinary space where my guests would feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Eventually my dream inspired courage and I put pen to paper. Four years, and 786 pages, later DSV Dental was born. A labour of love, commitment and care.

Care & Commitment is in my DNA

I was raised in a family of doctors. People have often told me that care and commitment is in my DNA.

In 1999, I completed my pre-med but after working in a private dental clinic, I fell in love with the art of dentistry. I pursued my passion and completed my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

Inspired by dental treatments that are simple, concise and create stunning results – I invite you to step inside my beautiful clinic, where dental care meets an unforgettable experience