Facts and Myths About Teeth Whitening

Facts and Myths About Teeth Whitening

April 1, 2023

Teeth whitening is a popular aesthetic dentistry procedure that is gaining popularity and is favoured by many. If your teeth are discoloured, you don’t have to look at celebrities with envious looks. You can also have whiter and brighter teeth to display a pleasant smile to everyone around you.

Unfortunately, with a host of whitening products available in drugstores and supermarkets, you will likely be challenged to figure out an effective treatment to whiten your teeth. To help you overcome the challenges, we have prepared a list of the most common teeth-whitening myths you must try not to believe.

Teeth whitening, despite its popularity, has many myths spread by people unhappy with its results or not adhering to their dentist’s advice after receiving the treatment to find their teeth discolouring faster than expected. Reading this article will help you understand the myths and why you must not believe them if you intend to whiten your teeth.

Myths and Realities about Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Damages Your Enamel

Will your attempt to whiten your teeth damage your enamel? The simple and straightforward answer is NO. Several studies have confirmed your tooth enamel doesn’t incur any damage from teeth whitening. However, the treatment is safe only when performed by professional teeth whitening Whitby and not non-dental professionals working in beauty salons offering whitening specials to attract your attention. Therefore, when considering teeth whitening, you must ensure you receive the therapy from a dentist, hygienist, or dental therapist if you want to keep your teeth out of harm’s way.

Teeth Whitening Is Permanent

This is another myth spread by many people who did not adhere to their dentist’s instructions. Following your teeth whitening treatment, your teeth start discolouring because the effects of a good life with coffee, tea, red wine and smoking will result in staining. Your teeth will likely not revert to their original colour before the whitening. The Whitby dentist suggests you limit drinking staining beverages or use a straw to ensure the drinks don’t contact your teeth before you swallow. If you quit smoking, you prevent brown stains from appearing on your teeth to help them retain their brighter shade longer.

Activated Charcoal is Excellent for Whiten Teeth

If blackening teeth to whiten them is effective, why would dentists offer teeth whitening in Whitby, ON? You might be tempted to consider activated charcoal to whiten your teeth after you see it promoted on social media by some dubious celebrities. However, it is best that you stick with tried and tested methods considered safe by the CDA and backed by scientific evidence. If you want to brighten your teeth at home, consider using a dentist’s provided at-home whitening trays with gel and instructions for safe and effective results instead of blackening your teeth to whiten them.

Teeth Whitening Causes Extreme Sensitivity

Teeth whitening from dentists shouldn’t hurt because they adopt preventive measures to ensure the soft tissues of your mouth are protected with cheek retractors and rubber dams. You also receive a fluoride treatment that helps prevent sensitivity after the treatment. However, the Whitby dentist suggests using a desensitizing toothpaste if you experience mild or moderate tooth sensitivity following the treatment. Brushing with desensitizing toothpaste helps alleviate the sensitivity and provides relief within 24 to 48 hours. You can also use a desensitizing mouthwash if suggested by the dentist.

Teeth Whitening Make Your Teeth Appear Unnatural

Nothing could be further than the truth. If you want your smile to appear natural, the dentist makes every effort to help you achieve your goal. You can rest assured that the whitening therapy will not scare people around you when you show off your brightened teeth. The treatment will not scare anyone away by making your teeth appear unnatural, even if you start using a home whitening system to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening. On the contrary, your friends and family will appreciate your smile and might even ask about your efforts to keep it bright and shining.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you should understand teeth whitening facts before visiting any facility offering you whitening specials. The CDA mandates that teeth whitening treatments provided by professionals besides dentists are illegal and may cause unnecessary harm to your teeth. Unfortunately, this is the only reality of this popular treatment which has encouraged many professionals to try their hand and cash on the widespread popularity of this therapy.

Before considering whitening your teeth, you must understand the facts about this therapy and request the treatment from DSV Dental Brooklin Village qualified dentists offering the treatment in Whitby. Please arrange your appointment with them today to get your teeth whitened without believing the myths about this therapy.