How Do You Handle a Dental Emergency?

How Do You Handle a Dental Emergency?

February 1, 2023

Dental emergencies are stressful, making it challenging to know the best way to manage them. You might run around trying to find an emergency dentist near me to help alleviate the pain or bleeding you experience from your mouth or teeth.

If you don’t know how to handle a dental emergency, this article provides adequate information to help guide you through a stressful situation. While you can look around for an emergency dentist near you, we suggest you follow our tips to learn how to manage dental emergencies without stress.

Techniques to Manage Dental Emergencies

Remain Calm

Panicking will not help you if you or a family member are in a dental emergency. Panicking will only make you run to an emergency room where you will receive painkillers and a hefty bill for services not rendered because the professionals at the practice will direct you to the emergency dentist to receive the treatment needed. Therefore, instead of running to an emergency room, you must understand that dentists better treat dental situations than other professionals. Therefore, you must ascertain the kind of dental emergency affecting you or your family member and remain determined to visit the emergency dentist in Whitby, ON, requesting treatment for your unique situation.

What Dental Emergency Affects You?

Dental emergencies differ between patients and are not similar. While every dental situation needs help from a dentist, you find it beneficial to ascertain the crisis affecting you to determine whether it requires immediate treatment from an emergency dentist or can wait until daytime when you can contact your regular dentist for the treatment. Let us look at some dental emergencies that require prompt treatment and others that can wait until daylight for relief.


You or your family member can develop a toothache for different reasons, including food particles trapped in teeth or untreated cavities aggravating. If you have swelling in the mouth, you can use dental floss to remove the food particles. However, if the pain persists, you find it better to get to the Whitby emergency dentist to ascertain whether any infection in your mouth needs prompt treatment.

Knocked out Tooth

If having a knocked-out tooth, collect it holding it by the crown and rinse the roots if dirty without scrubbing them. Place the tooth into its socket if possible. Unfortunately, if you can’t place the tooth in a tiny milk container or over-the-counter tooth-preserving remedies and head to the emergency dentist, trying to reach them within 30 minutes for the best chances of reinserting the tooth into its socket by splinting it into the adjacent teeth to allow its roots to reattach in a couple of months. Unfortunately, if you delay receiving the treatment within the timeline mentioned, you might have to search for replacement options for the missing tooth.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

If your spouse or kid has a broken or chipped tooth without pain or bleeding, rinse their mouth with water and apply a cold compress on the outside of the cheeks to alleviate the swelling. The painless broken or chipped tooth needs treatment as soon as possible from the dentist but not from emergency dentists. In such cases, you can visit the walk-in dentist in Whitby, ON, during the daytime with your spouse or kid to seal the tooth using tooth colored filling materials. Leaving the tooth untreated enables the mouth bacteria to penetrate the cracks to create severe infections in the tooth, making it essential to receive treatment for the tooth as soon as possible.

A Dental Abscess

A dental abscess develops only if you have an untreated cavity that has created severe damage to the tooth and affected the dental pulp. If you develop a dental spot near your tooth roots, you will likely have excruciating pain and sensitivity to temperatures and will wonder what you can do to manage the situation. However, manage it you must because a dental abscess is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate treatment from a dentist to eradicate a severe infection inside your tooth with the potential to affect other areas of your body.

Treating a dental abscess requires you to undergo fearsome root canal therapy or remove the tooth to eliminate the infection from within.

Some dental emergencies like knocked-out teeth and dental abscesses require immediate treatment, but others can wait until daytime when you can see the walk-in Dentist for treatment without avoiding dental visits. Therefore you must ascertain the kind of emergency affecting you or your family member and manage the situation accordingly without panicking or running around to emergency rooms that don’t have the infrastructure or the professionals to treat dental emergencies.

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