Kind Words

Kind Words from Thankful Patients

We love our patients.

But, don’t just take our word for it – read what they have to say about us.

"I have had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Vaid! She is extremely helpful and informative. Also, a very friendly and wonderful lady. Very good dentist. Highly recommend!" MIKE K.

"A friend recommended Dr. Vaid to us. I took my kids to see her and they left happy! No tears!! Her work is excellent and she goes above and beyond for us. We all love her!!" KAITLYN H.

"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Vaid. She is caring and encouraging. If I am doing something right, she tells me. If I need to change my dental care routine, she tells me that too, and tells me why. I would happily recommend her to anyone." FRED T.

"Dr. Vaid is an outstanding dentist. Her work is excellent and she is caring. She is meticulous and very attentive! She really cares about your health as a whole, not just your teeth. She will always remind me, flossing is a must, not just for your oral health but for your overall health. Never knew that before I met her!" JESSICA W.

"I have a sweet little toddler whose first dental experience was with Dr. Vaid. She explained everything to my little one and she was soooo patient. Now he loves to brush his teeth and get the yucky teeth bugs out of his mouth! Yayy!! Just an incredible dentist. Great experience!" HEATHER P.

"Fantastic Dentist! Always a wonderful experience. She truly cares about her patients. Definitely recommend!" JOHN M.

"Dr. Vaid shows a level of care that most dentists lack. Excellent dentist. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!" JASON L.

"An absolutely kind and skillful dentist. I first saw her about ten years ago to discuss my front teeth which had bothered me for as long as I remember. She’s always thorough and answers all my questions effortlessly. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. I’m still happy with my front teeth – A+ results!! I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s amazing!!" ERICA S.

"Dr. Vaid goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Nothing but care and understanding is given during treatment, and that is a huge thing for someone who is anxious about going to the dentist! I ignored my teeth till I saw her for an emergency toothache. Since then, her support and encouragement has made me invest time and effort in my dental health and my smile!" SUSAN W.

"Super quality dentist & very empathetic. I had 6 upper front teeth that I was self-conscious about & Dr. Vaid did 6 veneers for me. 2 one-hour appointments & I felt like a new person. I am glad I took her advice & got the treatment done. I feel I look 10 years younger & smile with the confidence I never had before. She is the best! I will not go to anyone but her. Trust her whole heartedly!" ASHLEY G.

"Dr. Vaid listens closely, and cares deeply about your teeth and your health. She is invested in making sure you have a healthy mouth and a smile that makes her proud. Always a joy!" SHANELLE S.

"If you want someone who is thorough and patient and takes her time checking your teeth and your health on matters that impact your teeth, Dr. Vaid is the one. She got me to quit smoking! Thanks for caring!!" RYAN T.

"Dr. Vaid helped me immensely with my painful tooth. She answered all my questions and put me to ease before starting the work. She was polite and treated me with respect and kindness. Never made me feel bad. My mouth was pain free the next day. I will never see anyone else!" LIANA T.

"Fear kept me away from the dentist for years but I love Dr. Vaid! She told me beautiful healthy smiles are for all. She took great care and time to explain my treatment and all the steps involved. She is very kind and helpful. I love my new teeth and I am extremely happy with the results. I get so many compliments on my smile.. it makes me smile more. I am beyond grateful to her! Thank you so much️." LAUREN R.

"Soothing hands, a listening ear, a friendly smile! I have yet to experience such a caring person in the healthcare field. I am someone who had not been to a dentist in years because of some trauma. I had a severe toothache and Dr. Vaid was great at making sure I was comfortable. She explained the procedure to me before starting, reassured me constantly and kept me at the center of the work at hand. TRULY A CARING DENTIST!" MARY G.

"Dr. Vaid is incredibly sweet and really caring. She took her time fine detail explaining every question I had written down. She treated me with care and calmed my nerves during treatment. She is a one of a kind dentist. The service she provided me deserves ten stars." RUTH C.

"An excellent and personable dentist who addressed my concerns immediately. She is a professional of the finest caliber…she treated me with the utmost skills…and genuinely cared about my oral health and well-being. Thank you, Dr. Vaid!" SCOTT L.

“I saw Dr. Vaid for a second opinion. What a difference!! She is very honest and has a genuine interest in her patient’s overall health. I feel lucky I have found her! I know I am in good hands and can’t say enough good things about this wonderful dentist.” RILEY A.

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