Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Whitby, ON

Tooth bonding is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure where a dentist applies tooth-coloured composite resin to restore a tooth’s appearance. You may be a qualified candidate for Dental bonding near you in Whitby, ON if you have chipped, broken, misshapen, or discoloured teeth. Sometimes, tooth bonding is used to repair a decayed tooth.

Most patients who prefer tooth bonding opt for it because it’s a cost-effective alternative to crowns and veneers. If you’re considering tooth bonding near you, get in touch with DSV Dental – Brooklin Village today. We’re a family-friendly dental office that offers personalized dental care across multiple specialties.

What to Expect

To start the tooth bonding process, our dentist in Whitby, ON first uses a shade guide to select a resin colour that closely matches your natural smile. Next, the dentist etches or roughens your teeth, as this allows the bonding material to attach to the tooth easily.

The dentist then applies the composite resin material onto the tooth and then moulds and shapes it to a desired final look. Our dentist uses ultraviolet light to harden the composite resin, after which further polishing may be conducted.

Except when used to repair cavities, tooth bonding near you doesn’t require anesthesia. It’s an entirely painless process that takes about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth to complete. If you need multiple teeth to be bonded, you can expect a longer appointment.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Bonded teeth can suffer further damage if not cared for properly. Taking adequate care of your bonded teeth extends their lifespan and prevents recurring issues. Our dentist near you recommends adopting the following measures to safeguard the shelf life of your bonded teeth:

  • Brush and floss your teeth every day.
  • Avoid hard foods and candy.
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings twice every year.
  • Avoiding staining foods for the first couple of days after treatment.

Dental bonding can be performed on both primary and permanent teeth. If you have a chipped, broken, decayed, or discoloured smile, we welcome you to DSV Dental – Brooklin Village today to find out if tooth bonding is suitable for you.

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