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Teeth Whitening in Whitby, ON

How different would your everyday life be if you had a whiter, brighter smile? You’d probably feel more confident, which means you’d likely take up more space in your social and professional interactions. A perfectly white smile can open many doors for you. The reverse is also true—a stained or discoloured smile can put a damper on your self-confidence and negatively impact your interactions.

Thankfully, you can transform a stained or discoloured smile painlessly and within a single appointment by choosing teeth whitening near you in Whitby, ON. As the name suggests, a teeth whitening appointment results in a whiter and brighter smile. Teeth whitening is undoubtedly the most common cosmetic dental procedure and the quickest smile makeover you’ll ever have.

What to Expect

To undergo teeth whitening near you, you must be in excellent oral health. As such, our dentist in Whitby, ON kicks off your appointment by checking to see if you’re showing signs of cavities or gum inflammation. If these are present, appropriate treatments must be administered first.

Before applying the whitening gel, our dentist near you ensures that your teeth are spotlessly clean. The dental hygienist uses a dental scaler, an electric toothbrush, and gritty toothpaste to eliminate food debris and plaque from your teeth. Next, the dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide-containing whitening gel to your teeth. The dentist rinses off the gel every fifteen minutes and reapplies a fresh coat until the desired shade of white is achieved.

The final treatment step involves applying fluoride to the teeth to manage teeth sensitivity. After that, you’ll be free to go home to enjoy your brand new smile.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Instructions

Some key things to remember after a teeth whitening appointment are:

  • Stick to a white diet for the first 48 hours to maintain the results. A white diet includes anything that wouldn’t stain a white T-shirt.
  • Stay away from highly acidic foods and beverages.
  • Brush your teeth gently.
  • Avoid foods that are either too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid smoking, as tobacco can stain your freshly whitened teeth.

Are you overdue for a smile makeover? Contact DSV Dental – Brooklin Village today to experience painless, life-changing teeth whitening in Whitby, ON.

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